Mezzo Oven Information

Oven Dimensions:

  • Interior W: 33”
  • Interior L: 47”
  • Interior H: 15″
  • Oven Mouth H: 11″
  • Oven Mouth W: 17.5″
  • Exterior W: 44.5”
  • Exterior L: 53”
  • Exterior H: 27.15″
  • exterior Flue h: 39″
  • flue height: 39.4″

oven Weight (Tiled): 1,900 LBS

Oven Weight (Painted): 1,545 lBS

Terraforno Oval Design

NOTE: All Pre-Built Ovens Come with A 3" Refractory Cement sub-Floor. Oven Sub-Floors are Part of Good Oven Designs, They Work With The Oven Floor To Deliver Consistent Temperatures Throughout Your Cook.

Mezzo Oven Installation Information

Recommended Height Placement

The mezzo  Oven is designed/built just like the best ovens on the market today.

One of the key features is our 3″ refractory brick sub-floor that forms a dense thermal mass that in conjunction with the 6″ thick walls/dome, will provide even heat for many hours of consistent cooking.

The Mezzo model of ovens are made to be installed on a counter top or on its own masonry base or stand.

Oven Delivery

delivery services:  We Do Offer Both Residential & Commercial Delivery For your Oven Across The USA & Canada. The Mezzo Wood-Fired Oven Will Arrive in a steel framed, crated pallet (Similar As shown to the left) the steel crate can be used as a stand & includes wheels (as shown to the right)

The Delivery crate will have the following dimensions:
length: 56″
width: 46.5″
height: 33.5″
Standard delivery:  includes residential delivery – our freight company has a hydraulic lift gate & pallet jack & will deliver the oven as close to your garage/back door as possible given access.  Local warehouse deliveries can be arranged (saves some delivery cost vs. residential), please inquire via email at  

Warehouse & Local Pick-Up: The Terraforno warehouse is located in Houston, Texas.  Local customers can pick up their ovens but must have a trailer. 


Installation: We are happy to help recommend & support contractors to install our wood-fired ovens.  these installers/contractors are not affiliated with Terraforno, however they are professionals that have experience installing ovens/Terraforno ovens and have good customer reviews. please use the contact form below or email for additional Needs for questions

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