Maggiore DIY Oven Details

Terraforno DIY Wood Fired Oven

Turn this Oven Kit

Into a beautiful functional appliance that you & your family will enjoy for years!

The Terraforno Maggiore DIY oven is the flagship of the Terraforno line. With 2,016 square inches of cooking space, the Maggiore can definitely handle your needs from a family gathering to large party. With 6" thick walls including a refractory brick sub-floor below the brick oven floor - the Maggiore is designed with thermal mass to do hot fast cooking like for pizzas or steaks or low & long slow cooking such as in baking or roasting.

Maggiore DIY oven kit comes with everything you need to build/finish your own Wood Fired Oven! We use cast refractory cement segments with layers of insulative material (refractory mortar, Superwool Ceramic Insulation, etc) plus instructions & support to help you while you put your own touches on the oven
finish it with a natural stucco exterior, paint or tile - its up to you. either way, you will end up with a durable & elegant looking oven that matches your patio & style!

Maggiore DIY Oven Dimensions & Build

Total Cooking Area: 2,016 SQ”

  • Interior W: 36.6”
  • Interior L: 53.9”
  • Exterior W: 48.8”
  • Exterior L: 60.4”
  • Oven Height: 30.5″
  • Door Width: 21″
  • Door Height: 11″
  • Oven Height: 39.4″
  • Oven Flue Diameter: 6″
  • Weight: 926 Lbs
Oven Crate Delivery Dimensions:
  • Crate L: 44″
  • Crate W: 44″
  • Crate H: 31.2″

Terraforno Oven Design

terraforno oval oven design

We use a slight oval design vs a round oven because the oval shape provides more cooking space, optimal heating & airflow

Note: We recommend Maggiore DIY Oven customers build a minimum 3" sub-floor that the oven will be built on (this is included in the pre-built models).
Oven sub-floors are part of good Wood-Fired Oven designs; they work with the oven floor to deliver consistent temperatures in your oven, especially over time.

maggiore DIY Oven Installation

The Maggiore Oven is designed/built just like the best Italian Neapolitan Wood-Fired Ovens on the market today.

When building the Maggiore DIY Oven we highly recommend that a 3″ refractory sub-floor is built.  THIS a pad on which the oven will sit.  We include this in our pre-built ovens because the sub-floor with the oven floor forms a dense thermal mass that in conjunction with the 6″ thick walls/dome, will provide even heat for many hours of consistent cooking.
Terraforno Oven Building Process

DIY Kit: build your own wood fired oven

Here is how easy it is to build one of our Maggiore wood-fired ovens:

DIY Oven Kit Delivery

The Maggiore DIY Oven Kit will arrive in a crated pallet with the dimensions:

Length: 44″
Width: 44″”
Height: 31.2″

Your oven can arrive delivered to a residence or a commercial location.
A Forklift, Crane or Pallet Jack will be needed to raise & set the oven in place. 
Terraforno DIY Wood Fired Oven

Oven Delivery Services

We have full shipping services across the USA (& Canada) – please use shopping check out or email for a quote.  

Standard delivery includes residential delivery (unless otherwise discussed/agreed) our delivery service uses a hydraulic truck lift gate & pallet jack. The driver will deliver oven as close as possible to your garage/back door (with appropriate access).

Local warehouse deliveries can be arranged (lower delivery cost vs. residential), please inquire via email at  
Local Pick-Up at terraforno warehouse: our warehouse is located in Houston, Texas (zip 77055). 
Local customers can pick up their ovens but must have a trailer.  

Installation: We are happy to help recommend & support contractors to install our wood-fired ovens, please contact us via email:

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