Tuscan Grill


Grill Steaks, Chicken or anything you would cook on a regular grill but better on a Tuscan Grill!

These are used by firing up your oven and getting it hot, pull some coals to the center of your oven upon which you will set the Tuscan Grill.  Let it pre-heat and you are done.  You will be cooking under direct coals but you will also be using the dry convection air to help sear and get a nice crust on steaks, roast, or fish.  Again, whatever you can cook on your gas grill you can cook on a Tuscan Grill.

These grills are made from heavy gauge Stainless Steel plate and rod for a very long lifetime of cooking.  They are specifically made for both Mezzo and Maggiore sized ovens (or ovens of similar size if buying for another brand oven)

Weight 25 lbs