Mezzo Oven – Painted


The Mezzo Oven Is Designed/Built Just Like The Best Ovens On The Market Today.


One Of The Key Features Is Our 3″ Refractory Brick Sub-Floor That Forms A Dense Thermal Mass That In Conjunction With The 6″ Thick Walls/Dome, Will Provide Even Heat For Many Hours Of Consistent Cooking.


The Mezzo Model Of Ovens Are Made To Be Installed On A Counter Top Or On Its Own Masonry Base Or Stand.



Oven Dimensions:

Interior W: 33”
Interior L: 47”
Interior H: 15″
Oven Mouth H: 11″
Oven Mouth W: 17.5″
Exterior W: 44.5”
Exterior L: 53”
Exterior H: 27.15″
Exterior Flue H: 39″
Flue Height: 39.4″


Oven Weight (Tiled): 1,900 LBS

Oven Weight (Painted): 1,545 LBS

Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 50 × 40 in